Photo courtesy of Vivy Hsieh.

Yi Lu is a ​member​ at Soundwatch Studio, and collaborator to Fujui Wang—a pioneer in Taiwan’s sound art scene, also a sound artist at Sondes. Yi Lu and Fujui Wang established the Soundwatch Studio to promote the creation, exhibition, performance and workshop of renovating and experimental audio art both locally and internationally.​ ​Yi Lu​ ​pursued MA degree in the Institute of Applied Arts at National Chiao Tung University​, ​She took additional program of art from the Academy of Art University and the San Francisco Art Institute​.​She worked for Wu-Shi elementary school, a website as an art correspondent,also worked for Culture X Creativity Design Company. ​Yi Lu has drawn on her previous experiences working in education to organise sound art workshops at several prestigious institutions, including The Taipei National University of the Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, and The National Taiwan Science Education Center and The Shiner Education Foundation. Yi Lu has appeared performing alongside Fujui​ Wang​, with different sound forms of performances​. Besides the Yi Lu​ ​has appeared​ solo​ at the “Digitopia Digital Art Festival Taipei 2015”and “Hypersonic 2016”, ​using​ electromagnetic waves, home-made electronic instruments, circuit bending, hardware hackers, and analog errors​ to create immersive sonic environments.​

In January 2017, studio organized their first exhibition “Sound​_​Wa​t​ch X Sound​_​O​​​bject, Fujui Wang & Yi Lu” in the DigiLog Lab, Taipei, which represented the result of the soundwatch studio’s long-term collaboration. In August 2017, studio was invited by the Australian sound organisation, Liquid Architecture(LA), to do a tour performances in Australia, occasions including the Arts Centre Melbourne, Make It Up Club and The Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. Also an a​rtist talk at the RMIT University, Melbourne. In November 2017, LA took the first tour “ENTERING TONE” outside of Australia, collaborated with studio to do the “Social Sound House” Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan.

Apart from running the studio with Fujui Wang, widely exhibited and performed in museums and festivals in Taiwan and abroad, also Yi Lu has been done many sound art workshops. In addition, Yi Lu has collaborated with french visual artist Sébastien Labrunie to do many live performances, as a name “Sondes”, a mix of cultural performing simultaneously providing noise sound with home-made electronic instruments and real-time interactive visuals, presented in “Lacking Sound Fest.103”, “Taipei Art District Party Night 2017”, “The Book of Daughters”, “On SiteGenerative the night”, “Pattern Calling” and “Electric Indigo” party night on NTCH 2017”..etc.

ACE Fall Program in Content, Narrative, and Meaningful Painting, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, USA
Personal Enrichment Program in Fashion, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA, USA
M.A Institute of Applied Arts, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
B.S Department of Arts and Crafts Education, National Taitung University, Taiwan

➤Soundwatch Studio Projects
Taipei[Liquid Architecture and White Fungus present SUBLATE/Korner]
Taipei[Liquid Architecture Social Sound House Taipei/SONOLab]
Taipei[PTV Film project/]
Taipei[Electric Indigo party night on NTCH/Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Democracy Square]
Taipei[Pattern Calling/NTCH Theater Cafe]
Taipei[Mini Maker Faire New Taipei /Maker visits to your home/SONOLab]
Taoyuan[Taoyuan Art x Technology Festival/Group Exhibition/Taoyuan Cultural Center]
Keelung[Light and Sound of The Port/Keelung Cultural Center]
Australia[HIGH TIDE 17 Fremantle Biennale/Fremantle]
Australia[LA x Make It Up Club/Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Fitzroy, Melbourne]
Australia[OVERGROUND: A FESTIVAL WITHIN A FESTIVAL as part of Overground /Supersense Festival, Art Centre, Arts Centre Melbourne]
Australia[A​rtist talk at RMIT University, Melbourne]
Australia[Liquid Architecture Tour Performance/The Institute of Modern Art,IMA. Brisbane]
China[”LISTENING TO TRANSPARENCY”/Group Exhibition​​/Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China]
Taipei[Sondes-The Book of Daughters/venue]
Taipei[Sondes-One Night of Phantasium/Space out]
Taipei[White Fungus Depopulate 07/Korner]
Taipei[SONOLab Openday/SONOLab]
Hong Kong[《Sound Canvas》,《Sound BulbII》Group Exhibition/Hong Kong Art Basel]
Taipei[Fujui Wang&Yi Lu Sound Objects Exhibition/DigiLog Lab,Taipei]
Tainan[Artist Talk/hippocampus,Tainan]
Tainan[Live Performance/Ting Shuo hear say,Tainan]
France[GUETTEURS – FOCUS FRANCE – TAÏWAN/Group Exhibition​​/Grame, Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon]
Taipei[White Fungus 《theeditorial》performance/Taipei Fine Arts Museum]
Taipei[TAD party night/XUE XUE INSTITUTE]
Shanghai[SLIPPAGES《Sound Canvas》/Group Exhibition​​/Pearl Lam Galleries]
Taipei[Shure Pop Up Art X Tech《Sound dots》/Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Industry Park]
Taipei[Fujui Wang《Transparent Imagery of Sounds》Solo Exhibition​​/Project Fulfill Art Space]
Taipei[CrakedSonic performance/The wall]
Taipei[KuanDu Light Art Festival/Arts Forum/NTUA]
Taipei[Depopulate 06 – White Fungus 15 Release Party/The wall]
Taipei[《Sound mirror》Exhibition​​/ART HAUS]
China[one city one sound project]
Taichung[performance/Taichung Broadcasting Bureau@STUDIO](5/8)Link
Taipei[Hypersonic Live Performance/Movie Theatre/NTUA](5/6)Link
Taipei[Lu Yi performance/Black box/NTUA](4/18)Link
Taipei[Sound Mirror/ART HAUS]Link
Kaohsiung[Perceived Soundscape/Group Exhibition​​/KAOHSIUNG MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS](1/23-5/15)Link
Taipei[LSF100 performance/the wall](1/22) Link
China[2015 Business proiect of XXXXX/JINQIAO Shopping mall/Shanghai]Link
Belgium[B!as 2015: Taiwan-Belgium Sound Art Exchange Project/Mons]Link
WA[2015 LIGHT INTERDICTION Exhibition/PS ART SPACE/Fremantle]Link
UK[2015 Soundwatch Performance/Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow/Scotland]Link
UK[2015 Soundwatch Performance/Cafe Oto/London]Link
UK[2015 Soundwatch Performance/Shoot the Pianist-The Noise Scene in Taipei1990-95/The Peltz Gallery/Birkbeck School of Arts University of London]Link
China[2015 Business proiect of sound installation/JINQIAO Shopping mall/Shanghai]
Germany[2014 Hyper Transmission in TONLAGEN-Dresden/Festspielhaus Hellerau]Link
China[2014 Fujui Wang Performance Tour At China/LIVE Music Association/Macau]Link
China[2014 Fujui Wang Performance Tour At China/XXX Gallery/Hong Kong]
China[2014 Fujui Wang Performance Tour At China/696 Live House/Shanghai]
China[2014 Fujui Wang Performance Tour At China/HDM Gallery/Hangzhou]
China[2014 Fujui Wang Performance Tour At China/zajia lab/Beijing]
USA[2014 Noise and New Media Performance/Antena Gallery/Chicago]Link
Germany[2014 White Fungus Depopulate 04/N.K./Berlin]Link
Germany[2014 Hyper Transmission in Transmediale/Haus der Kulturen der Welt]Link
Germany[2014 Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0/Collegium Hungaricum Berlin]Link

USA[2013 Queens International Biennial Opening/Queens museum/New York]Link
China[2013 Revolutions Per Minute-RPM:Sound Art China/Shanghai]Link
Germany[2013 Hyper Transmission/URBAN FLASHES IV/The Leap/Berlin]Link
USA[2013 White Fungus 13 Release Event #2 /The Lab/San Francisco]Link
Hong Kong[2013 Hyper Transmission/New Sonic Adventures VOL.3/City University]Link
Japan[2013 Hyper Transmission/The SOUP/Tokyo]Link
Japan[2013 Hyper Transmission/Super Deluxe/Tokyo]
New Zealand[2013 Hyper Transmission/Oakland]Link
New Zealand[2013 Hyper Transmission/Wellington]
New Zealand[2013 Hyper Transmission/Christchurch]

[Hypersonic Live Performance/Movie Theatre of TNUA]Link
[Fujui Hand made electronic workshop/Black Box]Link
[Sound Mirror/Art HAUS]Link
[2016 XXXX-LSF100—PART II : Working Offline]Link
[2015 Digital Art Festival Taipei, Digitopia]Link
[2015 HyperSonic/Polymer Space Taipei]Link
[2015 SUBCONSCIOUS RESTAURANT TAIPEI BOOK FAIR EVENT/Huashan Creative Park Sake Factory Building]Link
[ECLECTIC X B!AS2014/Digital Art Center Taipei]Link
[WHITE FUNGUS # 14 Pages of Fujui Wang Interview /text arrangement and Photos]Link
[Fujui Wang Solo Exhibition : Sound State/Digital Art Center Taipei]Link
[Panerai watches art exhibition/Eslite flagship store Taipei]Link
[2014 YES, TAIWAN – Taiwan Biennial /The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts]Link
[White Fungus DEPOPULATE 05/435 Art Zone Banqiao]Link
[2014 The Return of Analog Poetry/MOT ART Gallery]
[2014 Taipei IN Style/Songshan Cultural and Creative Park]Link
[Artroulette 4 Dollar Venture/Elsa Art Gallery Taipei]Link
[Sonic Living by Fujui Wang/DOU Maison gallery Tainan]Link
[Altering Nativism─Sound Cultures in Post-War Taiwan/The Cube]Link
[White Fungus DEPOPULATE 03/Treasure Hill]Link
[LURKING WAVES: Fujui Wang/Collected Objects from the 90s/The Cube]Link
[Fujui Wang Solo Exhibition : HYPER TRANSMISSION/Moca Taipei]Link
[Demolition Eve-Curated by Chen Chieh-jen/Happiness Building/Shulin]
[White Fungus DEPOPULATE 02/The Cube]Link
[White Fungus DEPOPULATE 01/VT Artsalon]Link
[Motion Point/The Public Art/Chunghwa Telecom]

➤Art correspondent
2012.11.01Regulation of art-interview Digital Artist SHEN SHENG-PO
2012.11.05Art group”Superflex”Flooded McDonald’s report
2012.05.19Art group”LuxuryLogico”-interview Artist Chang keng-hau
2012.04.14「Even They Never Met」solo exhibition-interview Artist Niu Chun-Chiang

Book/Sound State-Art works of Fujui Wang 2014
Book/More Sound Thesis
Design/T-shirt: White Fungus magazine interdisciplinary art event series-Depopulate
Design/LURKING WAVES-Collected Objects from the 90s of Fujui Wang
Design/Soundwatch CI of advertising page of White Fungus
Design/Soundwatch Facebook
DM/Hyper Transmission Performance Tour of Fujui Wang
Poster/Performance Tour of Fujui Wang in NZ

➤Work at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei
A Tale of Two Cities-Lu Hsien-ming Exhibition: Glimpses of Cities/Kuo Wei-kuo Exhibition: Gardens of Spirits(1/17-3/15,2015)
Hsi Shih-Pin—The Memory Palace/Gao Lei-WINDOWSKY(9/06-11/12,2014)
Homeland: Edge of Desolation—Hwang Buh-Ching Solo Exhibition(6/28-8/24,2014)
The Door is Always Open—Gary Baseman Solo Exhibition(6/28-8/24,2014)
K-P.O.P.-Korean Contemporary Art (4/19-6/15,2014)
History Re-presented-Cai Zhisong(1/25-4/6,2014)
Post-humanist Desire(11/23,2013-1/12,2014)
HYPER TRANSMISSION by Fujui Wang(10/4-11/3,2013)Link
Risk Society-Individualization in Young Contemporary Art from Germany(9/14-11/10,2013)
Will things ever get better?- Xiang Jing(7/6-9/1,2013)
The 11th Taishin Arts Award Exhibition(4/27-6/23,2013)
The Innovationists: The Spectacular Journey of New Media Art(2/2-4/14,2013)
Telofossils-Gregory Chatonsky Solo Exhibition(2/2-4/14,2013)
Reading Li Shan(11/24,2012-1/20,2013)

Pop-up Group Exhibition/RC Space/Taipei Link
Narrative Art Group Exhibition/Diego Rivera Gallery/SF,USA Link
Meaningful Painting Group Exhibition/Diego Rivera Gallery/SF,USA
Open House of NCTU/NCTU Gallery/Hsinchu
Traditional Chinese Painting Group Exhibition/Tangno House/Taitung

— “Dirty Mixer”, Digilog Lab, Taipei, 2018
— “Little Sonic”, Art Bank Taiwan, Taichung, 2017
— “Sound Drawing Workshop”, National Kaohsiung Center For The Arts, Kaohsiung, 2017
— “Musical Instrument Workshop”, Park Lane by CMP, Taichung, 2017
— “FabCafe Taipei Glitch Knit x Fab Demo Party” Demo presentation, FabCafe Taipei, 2017
— “Becoming an electrictronic musician”, workshop series supported by The Shiner Education Foundation and presented in 2016-2017 at Wucheng Elementary School (Nantou), Liyu Elementary School (Nantou), Long-Hua Elementary School (Nantou), Sin-Siang Elementary School (Nantou), ZhangShan Elementary School (Kaohsiung), HingChung Elementary School (Kaohsiung), Wunhe Elementary School (Tainan), LongCi Elementary School (Tainan), Houbi Elementary School (Tainan), Jhupu Elementary School (Tainan). 2015 at Renhe Elementary School(Nantou), RuiTian Elementary School(Nantou), YongKang Elementary School(Nantou), KwongYuan Elementary School(Taitung), TongAn Elementary School(Pingtung), Qiangyuan Elementary School(Pingtung), JianChing Elementary School(Hualien), Changqiao Elementary School(Hualien), LinRong Elementary School(Hualien). KunShen Elementary School(Tainan), Jia-Nan Elementary School(Tainan), Chong-Xi Elementary School(Tainan), WanTan Elementary School(Chiayi), Merrill Elementary School(Chiayi), TaoYuan Elementary School(Chiayi), HeShun Elementary School(Chiayi), Guangrong Elementary School(Chiayi), LiMing Elementary School(Chiayi)
— “DIY X Electromagnetics X Recording”, National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taipei, 2015
— “Record Chifeng Street Sound Collected”, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, 2014
— “Impromptu Noise Sound”, National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taipei, 2014
— “Electronic Noise Instrument Sound Art”, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, 2013
— “Artistic aesthetics”, OttO2 Art Institution Shihlin, Taipei, 2012