Soundwatch Studio 響相工作室

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Fujui Wang 王福瑞
EMAIL : fujuiwang@gmail.com

Lu Yi 盧藝
EMAIL : more0815@gmail.com

Soundwatch Studio has worked on international exchange projects for many years in Taiwan. The long-term endeavor of Fujui Wang and Lu Yi has taken Taiwan’s Sound Art to a wider and more eminent status. The home-made electronic sound works co-created by the duo are widely shown in various performances, exhibitions and workshops. The studio long-term endeavor took Taiwan’s Sound Art to a wider and more eminent status, bringing more and more people to come and discover this particular art form. Today, the studio has become a drive of influence while playing a key role in the Sound Art of Taiwan.

Soundwatch Studio consists of two artists, Fujui Wang and Lu Yi. They decided to co-found Soundwatch Studio in the name of Fujui Wang with the expectation of taking part in more related exhibitions and performances together in 2011. Fujui Wang and Lu Yi established the Soundwatch Studio to promote the creation, exhibition, performance and workshop of renovating and experimental audio art both locally and internationally. The future plan of Soundwatch Studio involves releasing their own sound art albums under their own brand and publishing related books. In the studio, Fujui Wang is more oriented towards sound art technology, installation creation technique and production whereas Lu Yi is more oriented towards sound art writing, administration, workshops, documentation and media promotion. Team relation is not so much about a master and a disciple or a senior and a subordinate. Rather, Fujui Wang and Lu Yi have developed ways of mutual coordination from many years of collaboration.

In April 2015, the studio was invited to do 3 vital performances of exchange in the U.K. The first was the inaugural performance for “Shoot the Pianist-The Noise Scene in Taipei 1990-95 Exhibition” at the Birkbeck School of Arts University in London. The second and the third performances were carried out at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow for Counterflows Festival and in Café OTO respectively.

In September and November 2015, the studio was invited by Digital Art Center, Taipei, to do 2 performances in the “B!as 2015: Taiwan-Belgium Sound Art Exchange Project” and the “Digitopia Digital Art Festival Taipei 2015”, Lu Yi has appeared performances alongside Fujui Wang, in the name of studio, through kinetic hypersonic speakers in performances with different sound forms and using electromagnetic waves, home-made electronic instruments, circuit bending, hardware hackers, and analog errors​ to create immersive sonic environments in performances with different sound forms of performances. In May 2016, studio organized “Hypersonic 2016”, also invited to “Lacking Sound Fest.100” and “Taipei Art District Party Night” …performances.

In January 2017, the studio organized their first exhibition “Sound​wa​t​ch X Sound​​ Objects​, ​Fujui Wang & Lu Yi” in the DigiLog Lab, Taipei, which represented the result of the soundwatch studio’s long-term collaboration. In August 2017, the ​studio was invited by the Australian sound organization​, Liquid Architecture(LA), to do tour performances​ in Australia, occasions including the Arts Centre Melbourne, Make It Up Club and The Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. Also a talk at the RMIT University, Melbourne. In November 2017, LA took the first tour “ENTERING TONE” outside of Australia, collaborated with the ​studio to do the “Social Sound House” Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan.

Soundwatch Studio has been widely exhibited and performed in museums and festivals in Taiwan and abroad,including TheCube Project Space(Taipei),Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei,National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts(Taichung),Digital Art Center(Taipei),Taipei Biennial,Art Basel Hong Kong,The Physics Room(Christchurch,New Zealand),Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance(Berlin),ZKM(Karlsruhe),Ars Electronica Center(Linz),École nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts(Paris),Antena(Chicago),The Lab(San Francisco) and Queens Museum(New York)…etc.

多年來一直進行國際交流合作計畫,由福瑞與盧藝長期合作下,把台灣的”聲音藝術”(Sound Art)拉至更廣顯的位置。而兩人創作的手工電子裝置的聲音作品,多樣化地呈現在不同現場表演、展覽與工作坊中,如今工作室成為一股影響的推力,也在台灣聲音藝術中扮演一個關鍵角色。

「Soundwatch Studio 響相工作室」成員為王福瑞與盧藝兩人,希望以更廣遠的視角以及具組織性、合作色彩的定位,推動台灣​與國際更多聲音藝術相關計畫​。工作室未來計畫是公開發行自己的聲音藝術唱片與相關書籍出版。響相工作室裡,福瑞偏向研發與技術製作,盧藝偏向文字、行政、工作坊、記錄與媒體宣傳,不僅是師徒和上下屬關係,兩人更有長達多年工作上磨合來的夥伴默契。

2015年4月​,響相工作室參與三場重要演出:​「射殺鋼琴師-台北1990-95噪音現場」展演計畫,於倫藝大柏貝克學院​​演出​,隨後也在英國格拉斯哥當代藝術中心的​「逆流音樂節」和倫敦Café OTO交流演出​。同年​9月,台北數位藝術中心邀請工作室參與「異響2015-台比聲音藝術交流計畫」,於比利時蒙斯市​「城市之音」藝術節演出。​同年​11月工作室在台北數位藝術節「創世紀Digitopia」,呈現電磁波、手工自製電子樂器、電路擾動、硬體駭客和類比錯誤聲響​的聲音藝術演出。2016年​5月工作室策劃「超聲波2016」,並參與「失聲祭LSF100」、「大內藝術節TAD」…等多場活動演出。

2017年1月在台北DigiLog聲響實驗室,舉辦工作室第一個成果展:「王福瑞 & 盧藝雙人展」,呈現兩人工作外另一種創作面相與積澱。同年8月工作室與澳洲聲音組織:液態建築Liquid Architecture(LA)進行交流計畫,在澳洲墨爾本皇家理工大學藝術家演講外,在墨爾本維多利亞藝術中心和布里斯本當代藝術中心等地進行聲音表演。同年11月液態建築來台北進行首次巡迴計畫「入聲」,與工作室共同舉辦「大眾聲音民宅」工作坊。

目前為止工作室已於海內外等許多城市執行多場的聲音藝術展演計畫。包含台北立方計畫空間、台北當代藝術館、台中國立美術館、台北數位藝術中心、台北雙年展、香港巴塞爾藝術展、紐西蘭基督城The Physics Room、柏林電子藝術表演實驗室、卡爾斯魯厄藝術與媒體中心、林茲電子藝術中心、巴黎École nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts、芝加哥Antena藝術空間、舊金山The Lab藝術空間、比利時蒙斯以及紐約皇后美術館。

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Fujui Wang is a sound artist and curator specialized in sound art and interactive art whose work has played a key role in establishing sound as a new artistic genre in Taiwan. A pioneer of sound art in Taiwan, he founded “NOISE” in 1993, the country’s first experimental sound label. In 2000 he joined the media art collective “Etat” and launched the “BIAS” International Sound Art Exhibition and Sound Art Prize for the Digital Art Awards Taipei. He worked for the Taipei Digital Arts Center and the Center for Art and Technology, TNUA, he has curated numerous exhibitions and festivals, including the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 editions of the “TranSonic” Sound Art Festival and the 2007 to 2009 editions of the “Digital Art Festival Taipei”. In 2011 Fujui Wang and Lu Yi have co-founded the Soundwatch Studio to promote the creation, exhibition, performance and workshop of renovating and experimental audio art both locally and internationally.

Fujui Wang is currently an assistant professor of the Taipei National University of the Arts, Department of New Media Arts, TNUA. His work has been widely exhibited in museums and festivals in Taiwan and abroad, including TheCube Project Space(Taipei), Project Fulfill Art Space(Taipei), Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Digital Art Center Taipei, Taipei Biennial, Art Basel Hong Kong, The Physics Room(Christchurch,New Zealand), Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance(Berlin), ZKM(Karlsruhe), Ars Electronica Center(Linz), École nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts(Paris), Antena(Chicago), The Lab(San Francisco), Queens Museum(New York), Casino Luxembourg, Festspielhaus Hellerau(Dresden), Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow, Cafe Oto(London),Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, Arts Centre Melbourne and The Institute of Modern Art(Brisbane). His sound works,videos and live performances have been issued on publications and media, most notably, Sound Bulb(2008), Sound Dots(2010), Hollow Noise(2011) and Electromagnetic Soundscape(2012).

王福瑞為台灣早期重要前衛的數位藝術以及聲音藝術家和策展人,他帶領台灣聲音藝術進入了新的領域與發展,1993年以先鋒之姿成立台灣第一個實驗音樂廠牌和出版刊物「NOISE」,2000年加入台灣媒體藝術發展中少數以互動為主的創作實驗團體「在地實驗Etat」,並推動國 際「異響BIAS」聲音藝術展與「台北數位藝術節」聲音藝術類別。他曾工作於台北數位藝術中心以及北藝大藝術與科技中心,並策劃多場相關展覽與活動,包含2008年、2009年、2010 年、2012年的「超響」聲音藝術節,2007年至2009年的「台北數位藝術節」。2011年與盧藝成立「響相工作室」,持續致力推動海內外聲音藝術相關展覽與表演以及工作坊,該工作室致力嘗試以創新實驗性的聲音作為主要核心概念,執行聲音藝術相關創作與其推廣計畫。

王福瑞目前為北藝大新媒體藝術學系助理教授,他的創作廣為展出於國內外美術館與藝術節,包含台北立方計畫空間、台北就在藝術空間、台北當代藝術館、台北數位藝術中心、台北雙年展、香港巴塞爾藝術展、紐西蘭基督城The Physics Room、柏林電子藝術表演實驗室、卡爾斯魯厄藝術與媒體中心、林茲電子藝術中心、巴黎École nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts、芝加哥Antena藝術空間、舊金山The Lab空間、紐約皇后美術館、盧森堡卡西諾當代藝術中心、德勒斯登赫勒勞節慶劇院、格拉斯哥當代藝術中心、倫敦Cafe Oto、里昂國立高等藝術學院、墨爾本維多利亞藝術中心、布里斯本當代藝術中心。他的聲音裝置、作品影像與現場表演發表在不同的出版與媒體,最廣為人知的作品有聲泡(2008)、聲點(2010)、超傳波 (2011)和電磁音景(2012)。

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(Photo by Nathan Osterhaus)

Lu Yi is a sound artist and a member of Soundwatch Studio. She obtained a master’s degree in Applied Arts from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. She did further study in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University and the San Francisco Art Institute. She began working in the sound art sphere in 2011 when she founded Soundwatch Studio with Fujui Wang, a pioneer of sound art in Taiwan. The two have performed live together at events and festivals including “Shoot The Pianist” (Birkbeck School of Arts, University of London), “On Site” (Taipei Artist Village), “B!as 2015: Taiwan-Belgium Sound Art Exchange Project / City Sonic 2015” (Mons, Belgium), Digital Art Festival 2015 “Digitopia” (Songshan Tobacco Factory, Taipei), “Ting Shuo Has Performance” (Ting Shuo Studio,Tainan), “Craked Sonic” (The Wall,Taipei) and Lacking Sound Festival “Listen 100” (The Wall,Taipei).

Lu Yi also collaborates with the french visual artist Sébastien Labrunie under the name “Sondes AV Duo”. The duo have presented a series of real-time interactive audio/visual performances at events including “Hypersonic 2016” (TNUA,Taipei), “Xue Xue Party night” (Xue Xue Institute, Taipei), “The Book Of Daughters” (Venue, Taipei), “Generate the Night” (Taipei Artist Village), “Pattern Calling” (National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei) and “Electric Indigo” (Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei).

In addition, Lu Yi has drawn on her previous experience working in education to organize​ sound art workshops at several prestigious institutions, including The Taipei National University of the Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, The National Taiwan Science Education Center and The Shiner Education Foundation.

盧藝為​「響相工作室」成員、王福瑞事業夥伴​​以及「Sondes」聲音藝術家。王福瑞與盧藝兩人​建立「響相工作室」​,​工作室以廣遠的視角以及組織性、合作色彩的定位,推動台灣與國際​許​多聲音藝術相關計畫。盧藝​為​交通大學應用藝術研究所畢,曾於舊金山藝術大學AAU、舊金山藝術學院SFAI進修藝術。曾任吳興國小美術老師、全球華人藝術網藝評、雙象文創設計。近年來​​於國立台北藝術大學、台北當代藝術館、國立臺灣科學教育館、立賢基金會蒲公英教育計畫…等教導聲音藝術工作坊。除了與王福瑞同台表演外,盧藝也獨立​​在台北數位藝術節「Digitopia 2015」和「超聲波表演Hypersonic 2016」,呈現電磁波、手工自製電子樂器、電路擾動、硬體駭客和類比錯誤聲響演出​。

除了工作室所有海內外聲藝計畫展演執行和聲藝教育工作坊,盧藝與來自法國的視覺藝術家Sébastien Labrunie(林思柏)合作即時現場聲音藝術表演,來自台灣與法國不同文化背景的兩人創作合作Sondes在「失聲祭LSF103」、「大內藝術TAD聲響之夜」、「臺澳聲響演出連線」、「混種現場」、「Pattern Calling」與「兩廳院30週年眾聲之所派對」等多場現場表演中呈現。