Photo by Sébastien Labrunie 攝影/林思柏-法國
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There were so many things happened in 2012:
Back from San Fransisco,after be a substitute teacher in a couple of elementary schools,I decided to do what I really want to do. I no longer expected a very limited scope of life, a life that simply meets the mainstream social values.

I changed a job as a designer at Culture X Creativity Design company where I felt like a café often visited by modern intellectuals. And coffee, indeed, was one of the products of the company, so I had a large personal working area near the window and a computer dedicated to my own use while drinking free coffee every working day. What’s more valuable was that my boss never saw working-over-time as a must, instead, he believed that it hinders a designer from producing good design.

As the time went by, however, I started to ask myself, is this job where I really want to be? It seemed nice; and undoubtedly, a Visual Communication graduate was supposed to follow the path to be a designer. Maybe I shouldn’t ask myself too many questions? Just hold on and stay stable for a while before making any new decisions?

My boyfriend and I have parted away for almost two years. But I still remembered what he has told me: Be honest to myself, and distinguish what I love from what I like.

One day when I was on my way back from work, I thought about him, and this reminded me to do the “Distinguishment”. I liked my designer job; however, I loved to assist my artist teacher Fujui Wang, because I enjoyed being around with everyone who’s around him. They worked hard in order to meet their ideals, and I especially admired the attitude and energy revealed in their working about art. I wondered, would it be possible for me to be a person like that if I do what my passion really lies in?

A new idea came up to my mind with anxiety, nervousness and excitement about the unknown outcome; I then had a long conversation with my boss in one afternoon. My boss said to me, “It is easy for anyone to purely think about challenging the status quo, but there are always much less people to truly act it out. Go for it, you should try it out. You can come back here to resume your job as our designer if you fail. The seat will be reserved and always open for you.” And so I did. I went to New Zealand for 15 days with Fujui in a three-city tournament. During the whole journey, I experienced the cold weather, exhaustion, tension, pressure and uncertainty, however, I was feeling satisfied and happy.

I can not expect my family to understand my new dicision that seems so crazy and unpromising now. However, life is short, I really don’t want to regret my own failure of not following my heart when I am old. I want to challenge what people said I can’t accomplish, I want to prove those are actually the dreams they can not fulfill or dare not to try. 2013 Lu Yi



我有了新的想法,伴隨著未知、焦慮、緊張和興奮感,和公司老闆長談了整個下午,要說出實話實在實在實在不容易,不過老闆卻對我說,要挑戰別人既定的想法,追求自己熱愛夢想的念頭人人都有,但要開始行動可不是人人都會去做,老闆說:「去試試看,如果失敗了,那再回到公司繼續做設計就好了,挺你,位子會一直幫你保留。」就這樣,之後,我義無反顧跟著福瑞老師去了紐西蘭巡迴表演,15天三個城市,又累又冷,經歷摩擦、壓力和未知,可是卻很爽很高興。我沒辦法期望現在的家人能體諒,這個看似動盪瘋狂的決定,不過人生很短,我真的不想等到40歲的時候,才開始後悔,沒有去順應內心誠實的聲音,挑戰一下別人對我說我做不到,其實是他們做不到的夢想和嘗試。2013 盧藝


Taiwan-Belgium Sound Art Exchange Project:Hyper Transmission – Fujui Wang Live Performance,2015(Fujui Wang+Yi Lu)

2015 Digitopia

Craked Sonic Live Performance

Ting Shuo Has Performance Eight

Opening performance of the exhibition Shoot the Pianist at The Peltz Gallery,London

Improvisation Jam at Polymer Space

2016Noise@Black Box,TNUA


2015 Digital Art Festival Taipei,Digitopia 台北數位藝術節,創世紀
Photo by Sébastien Labrunie 攝影/林思柏(法國)‪



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