Handmade Electronic 手工電子

►《Object · Sound · Plant》 《物 · 音 · 植》
Dimensions variable
Material:Mirror acrylic、Tinned wires、Custom circuit boards

(art piece at Zhengbin Art Festival, 1’52” to 2’01”)

《Object · Sound · Plant》 was made for ZHENGBIN ART FESTIVAL Project in Zhengbin of Keelung, as an extension work from DigiLog Exhibition. Sound triggers led plant to go on or off, viewers can perceive the light and dark dynamics, the intention is to present the subtle light and shadow echoing the sound at the site.
《物 · 音 · 植》是為《苔客上岸-正濱港灣共創藝術節》計畫的製作,為舊作延伸版本,希望能藉由現場風與聲音,觸發手工電子植物的明滅,觀者可以從正濱漁港的舊魚會大樓一樓窗戶,觀見感受其光在格隙間之明暗動態。盧藝作品探索於聲響與視覺感受:聲響需要空氣震動為介質,也需要一段時間的聆聽去建構整體,而視覺可以為聲響加乘張力,此作《物 · 音 · 植》希望在現場呈現與聲響呼應的細微光影變化。

►《Electric Sound State》《電聲態》
Material:APC、Mirror acrylic、LED

►《Little Sonic》《小聲物》
Material:LED、Mirror acrylic、Custom circuit boards

►《Sound Light》《光音》
Dimensions:15*10*7 cm

I want to make works that are both visual and aural. During a trip, I saw a light bulb that looked similar to an electron tube and reflected on the possibility of turning it into an instrument for a performance, which led to the creation of “Sound Light”. Bulbs supposed to represent something visual can be transmuted into performance instruments pertaining to hearing, composing works with warmth. Sound Light mainly consists of bulbs and modulator. In the performance, I use contact microphone and electromagnetic pickup microphone to record sounds produced by wavering filament that hits the bulb’s inner side. Once augmented, the soundtrack emits noises of striking-glass and sounds of electro-magnetic waves normally inaudible to human ears. Besides, the viewer perceives traces of visual persistence produced by the swaying filament.

我希望可以自製出​​同時有​視覺與聽覺的​作品,在一次出差旅行,看到類似真空管的燈泡,​我​思考是否可以作為表演的​樂器,就做出光音(Sound Light)。原本呈現視覺感的燈泡,可以轉換成呈現聽覺的表演樂器,​​展現​有溫度的作品。​光音(Sound Light)主要由​燈泡與調變器(modulator)組合,在表演中我用蜂鳴片(contact microphone)與電磁波麥克風(electromagnetic pickup microphone),去收音燈絲搖晃撞擊內壁的聲音,可聽到放大後細微的玻璃敲擊聲,以及平時聽不見的電磁波,同時燈絲晃動後,所產生的視覺暫留。

►《Time Electric Sound State》 《時電聲態》
Medium:Hand made electronic device, Acrylics
Dimensions:36*36 cm

When I began to learn about Sound Art, I found something different from the visual arts. In terms of the latter, we can appreciate a work or perceive the dimension, color, density of color and composition of a painting within a short time. Yet to complete the appreciation of sounds requires relatively longer time. It takes vibrating air as a ​medium to make sounds as well as a certain lapse of time to construct a whole. Time Electric Sound State is composed of 12 sets of speakers in total and APC circuits. Added the effect of photoresistance, the sound becomes lower when the light gets stronger and vice versa. Its clock shape evokes a sense of time. On the audio aspect, the same set of circuit contains different subtle noise resulting from the variant of manual welding. The sound of ​Time Electric Sound State is correlated to time, allowing formless time to determine the luminosity of light and activate the 12 sets of unique sounds.

My physical condition gets worse because I often stay up all night working for two jobs, and my overseas​ business travel schedules are always too tight, my body can not afford such mental stress arouse from losing control of time. I don’t even have enough time to calm down and solve the anxiety undermined, but I still have to keep following the scheduled arrangement one after one, eventually I start to feel powerless when it comes to “time”. When I stayed around Fujui and learned his “Noise”, I had the similar feeling, sometimes it’s something chaotic inside, challenging my sense of security; other times, however, I could also have the urge to seek for physical and mental balance, a primal one. The ongoing conflict has given birth to this piece of work of mine, it is a combination of random changes and regular constraint: three “Noise” bells, each performs its regular looping in the sense of “non-Noise”.

開始學習”聲音藝術”(Sound Art)之後,感受到不同於視覺藝術欣賞的方式,視覺短時間就可欣賞或​眼睛掃視​完一幅畫作的大小、深淺、顏色和布局,但要欣賞完聲音卻需要有相對的時間​,聲音需要空氣震動當介質,也需要​一段時間去建構出整體。時電聲態(Time Electric Sound State)​​共有12​組​喇叭(speakers)​與APC電路(APC circuit)​,​加上光敏電阻(Photoresistance),光強時聲音變弱,反之光微弱時聲音漸強​​​,以時鐘的造型型態賦予其時間感,​每組聲音也因為由手工焊接​的變因​,同一組電路也具​細微​不同的噪音​​。​時電聲態(Time Electric Sound State)​​的聲音與時間​連動,讓無形的時間控制光的強弱,來驅動12組獨特的聲音。

兩份工作讓我時常熬夜而導致身體變差,而每一次國外出差都是時間緊湊又行程滿檔,身體抓不住心理可以駕馭和掌握時間的安全感,也沒有太多時間好好靜下來解決這個隱約不安的狀況,但工作上又得準時跟著每個安排好的行程走,於是漸漸地我開始對「Time」產生無力 ; 而另一方面在Fujui身邊學習noise的過程也有相似的感覺,「Noise」有時讓我感覺是內心安全認知之外的紛亂,有時又好像是一股體內嚮往原始平衡的追尋,在這些矛盾牽涉介入下,這件作品就這樣順勢產生了,呈現一種隨機變動卻又規律約束的組合,三個帶有Noise聲音的鐘,各進行一場不具Noise感的規律迴圈表演。

►《Electric Sound State Edition 2》《電聲態2》

►《Electric Sound State Edition 3》 《電聲態3》


►《Electric Sound State Edition 4》 《電聲態4》