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Fujui Wang & Yi Lu

☞Date:2017.02.20(Mon)-03.25(Sat) 13:30 – 19:30 (Closes on Sunday)
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Sound_Object Exhibition

In early 2011, Yi Lu was a jobless elementary school teacher who knew nothing about sound art. Thanks to Wang Fujui’s introduction, she entered the sphere of sound art by chance. Working with Wang step by step, she came to learn and accumulate experience and know more and more friends from the field. With friends’ support and the positive energy surrounding her, Yi Lu has staggered on her way to sound art. During the process, she went through revolutions in her family, overcame the anxiety of being misunderstood and suffered internal confusion and solitude. Yet she has always tried to insist on striding forward.

At the end of 2015, Yi Lu changed her role of administrative assistant into that of creative partner and went on the stage to perform with Wang. After several performances together, she got the idea of making a show with Wang. The show does not need to be big but should have its own style and represent the result of the duo’s long-term collaboration in adapting to each other. Regrettably, there was neither chance nor patron. One day, a conversation between Yi Lu and Frank Lin made the idea come true; Frank Lin openly agreed to help to turn the dream within Yi Lu for a long time into reality!

For many people, Wang Fujui remains the founder who created the first magazine about noise in Taiwan two decades ago. The initiative defined his status as the godfather of sound art in Taiwan. As for his status quo, he is known almost only for his personal artistic practice. Many of his exhibitions now revolve around such “individual” creation. Yet the present show intends to represent another kind of creative aspect and accumulation. It also represents a micro-result of a close collaboration carried out by the studio co-founded by Wang and Yi Lu five years ago.

The core of the show is a hand-made electronic installation; there will also be a publication which not only contains information of the show but also attracts more people’s attention about the value of the studio’s very existence and its experience of realized projects.

Meanwhile, it reveals that Wang has not only concentrated on his own artistic career in recent years, but also opened up more diverse possibilities and wider experiments through the studio he worked on with Yi Lu.

☞Soundwatch Studio:
Founded in early 2011 in Taipei, Soundwatch Studio consists of two artists, Wang Fujui and Yi Lu. They decided to co-found Soundwatch Studio in the name of Wang Fujui with the expectation of taking part in more related exhibitions and performances together.

In April 2015, they were invited to do 3 performances of exchange in the U.K. The first was the inaugural performance for “Shoot the Pianist-The Noise Scene in Taipei 1990-95 Exhibition” at the Birkbeck School of Arts University in London. The second and the third performances were carried out at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow for Counterflows Festival and in Café OTO respectively.

Yi Lu has appeared performances alongside Fujui​ Wang​, with different sound forms of performances​. Including the “B!as 2015: Taiwan-Belgium Sound Art Exchange Project” ​and ​the inaugural performance for “Shoot the Pianist-The Noise Scene in Taipei 1990-95 Exhibition”​,the “Digitopia Digital Art Festival Taipei 2015” and “Hypersonic 2016”.

Wang Fujui and Yi Lu established the Soundwatch Studio to promote the creation, exhibition, performance and workshop of renovating and experimental audio art both locally and internationally. The future plan of Soundwatch Studio, involves releasing their own sound art albums under their own brand and publishing related books.

>Fujui Wang
Fujui Wang is an artist and curator specialized in sound art and interactive art whose work has played a key role in establishing sound as a new artistic genre in Taiwan.A pioneer of sound art in Taiwan,in 1993 he founded NOISE,the country’s first experimental sound label.In 2000 he joined the media art collective Etat and launched the BIAS International Sound Art Exhibition and Sound Art Prize for the Digital Art Awards Taipei.

He is currently an assistant professor of the Taipei National University of the Arts,worked for the TranSonic Lab at the Center for Art and Technology of the Taipei National University of the Arts,he has curated numerous exhibitions and festivals,including the 2008,2009,2010 and 2012 editions of the TransSonic Sound Art Festival and the 2007 to 2009 editions of the Digital Art Festival Taipei.His own work has been widely exhibited in museums and festivals in Taiwan and abroad,including TheCube Project Space(Taipei),Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei,National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts(Taichung),Digital Art Center(Taipei),Taipei Biennial,Art Basel Hong Kong,The Physics Room(Christchurch,New Zealand),Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance(Berlin),ZKM(Karlsruhe),Ars Electronica Center(Linz),École nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts(Paris),Antena(Chicago),The Lab(San Francisco) and Queens Museum(New York).His sound works,videos and performances have been issued on CD and DVD,most notably,Sound Bulb(2008),Sound Dots(2010),Hollow Noise(2011) and Electromagnetic Soundscape(2012).

In 2011, Fujui Wang and another artist Yi Lu have co-founded the Soundwatch Studio to promote the creation, exhibition, performance and workshop of renovating and experimental audio art both locally and internationally.

>Yi Lu
Yi Lu is a sound artist, a member at Soundwatch Studio, and collaborator to Fujui Wang—a pioneer in Taiwan’s sound art scene. Yi Lu and Fujui Wang established the Soundwatch Studio to promote the sound creation, exhibition, performance and workshopping of experimental audio art, both locally and internationally. Yi Lu pursued MA degree in the Institute of Applied Arts at National Chiao Tung University, She took additional program of art from the Academy of Art University and the San Francisco Art Institute.

She has drawn on her previous experiences working in education to organise sound art workshops at several prestigious institutions, including The Taipei National University of the Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, and The National Taiwan Science Education Center and The Shiner Education Foundation.

She also has appeared performances alongside Fujui Wang, with different sound forms of performances. Including the​ ​ “B!as 2015: Taiwan-Belgium Sound Art Exchange Project”​ in Belgium​ and the inaugural performance for “Shoot the Pianist-The Noise Scene in Taipei 1990-95 Exhibition”​ in UK​.

Yi Lu has appeared solo at the “Digitopia Digital Art Festival Taipei 2015”​,​ “Hypersonic 2016”​,​“Generate The Night”​and“Taipei Art District Festival 2016”​, using electromagnetic waves, home-made electronic instruments, circuit bending, hardware hackers, and analog errors to create immersive sonic environments.

Curatorial Team:Soundwatch Studio
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