TranSonic 2009 超響

►王福瑞 TranSonic 2009/聲音藝術-超響2009

In the performance titled ‘TranSonic2009’, Fujui Wang uses seven large projection screens interspersed at the center of the stage. At first, soundbits pervade and flow, creating a state of rising tides that can be associated with rain, ocean and sound flows. Then black-and-white visual starts to blink and draw. Composed of soundwaves disposed in the form of latticed factals made through computerized random calculation, it is imbued with an aesthetics of Glitch Art. While the flickering and fading light-images surround the artist, the audio-visual whole comes to produce a jumping three-dimensional texture. In the middle of the performance, sounds jump in the space and in the ears of the listeners. Jumping back and forth on the track of time and between lighting and darkness, they come to delimit a particular quality with various densities and complexities. In the end, high-pitched sounds bring the visual to a height of tension where the latter falls in a jump. Within just few seconds, the entire piece ends in a strong flickering visual as well as sounds under pressure and tension.(Essay by Yi Lu)