Hyper Transmission 超傳波

超傳波 Hyper Transmission Live Performance

►2019 德國-威瑪藝術節
►2019 蒙古-烏蘭巴托第四屆國際媒體藝術節
►2018 德國-Sonic Territories
►2018 臺北藝術節-噪集
►2018 美國聖塔菲國際新媒體藝術節
►2018 澳洲HIGH TIDE 17 Fremantle Biennale

Hyper Transmission is a synthesis of surrounding sonic and visual contemplation.
Elevates the invisible void with silent glow, Hyper Transmission is a synthesis of surrounding soundscape and visual contemplation performed by Taiwanese sound art pioneer Wang Fujui . Through kinetic hypersonic speakers, tightly audio beams travel through audience ears like laser refracting in-between several mirrors. All random noise sound waves are captured in real time and magnified as static images in front of your eyes.

Wang Fujui uses multiple directional hypersonic speakers to generate several tightly focused beams of sound. The sound would like wind which blowing through our ears from various directions. Through movement of the kinetic installations, all these audio beams are similar as Laser light refracting in-between several mirrors.The artist purposely creates the multiple refractions of audio beams in the space, through our listening experience, in order to create a new sounding space. As waves generated by wind blowing across the ocean surface, all the random noise sound waves travel through the space. Close the eyes to completely experience this amazingly audio space, which leads our imagination and spirit freely release to the state of the emptiness.

『HYPER TRANSMISSION 超傳波』作品為台灣聲音藝術家王福瑞的展演之作。王福瑞​從在台灣​的聲音藝術扮演極關鍵的人物,近二十年的創作與推廣,其工作室不斷執行相關展演計畫,逐漸付出讓聲音藝術在台灣成為一股被認可與重視的藝術領域。



►Hollow Noise 雜音空態(installation form)

►2017 Liquid Architecture

In Fujui Wang’s hands, the directional of multiple speakers is used to create a dynamic listening experience of subtly shifting resonances. Sounds progress and slip away; some are loud and some are stealthy, and within the contours and planes of swelling amorphous noise, a more delicate soundscape begins to emerge. Wang’s sonic landscape is fine and fissured, composed of hundreds of tiny individual clicks and hisses and bursts of metallic tone. Wang’s control of the composition presented a strong and at times aggressive field of non-human sounds, but what was surprising for this listener was the surprisingly organic sounds that he allowed to enter, in distorted but recognisably warm and mellow tones; a formal swerve that expanded the usual noise palette while simultaneously providing an even more disquieting effect from each fleeting wave of sound.
— Danni Zuvela and Joel Stern, Artistic Directors, Liquid Architecture, 2017
— 文字來自澳洲液態建築聲音組織,藝術總監 Danni Zuvela 和 Joel Stern 於2017寫下

►2015 City sonic
比利時 城市之音:國際聲音藝術節
Taiwan-Belgium Sound Art Exchange Project
Hyper Transmission – Fujui Wang Live Performance,2015(Fujui Wang+Yi Lu)


►2018 臺北藝術節-《噪集》”Noise Assembly” by Asian Meeting Festival(AMF)

(photos credit to the organizer)

►2018 德國柏林 Sonic Territories
2018.09.15 Kunstquartier Bethanien, Studio 1,柏林,德國 Berlin, Germany

►2018 英國 失聲祭演出在倫敦