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►2016 香港巴塞爾藝術展 Art Basel HK
Project Fulfill Art Space@Art Basel HK 2016/We will see you in Art Basel HK @展位(‪#‎1C25‬) The pioneer of Taiwan sound arts WANG Fujui will present one of the most important pieces Sound Dots in the booth. This sound installation delivers the message that addresses the relationship of contemporary life and computing machines.In Seeing Sound, the artist tries to create various possibilities for images through frequency variation or mixing. Accordingly, it is a visual installation that produces images with inaudible sound.

fujuiwang_Art Basel
Fujui Wang is interviewed by Al Jazeera English News~! check this out~!!!
Hong Kong artists showcase work in modern art exhibition

►Fujui V.S HH




►FujuiWang/Soundwatch in the Sound State – ERA TV 2014.12.14

►PODCAST: Art, Magazines and Noise with White Fungus Editor Ron Hanson




►王福瑞所聽見的克里斯・瓦東克 像心跳般界於掌控與被掌控間

►哈瑪星光任務啟動 百年鐵道亮起來