Sondes Performance

✭SONDES AV Duo(電波接收器)台法雙人創作團體✭
Sondes consists of two artists,the sound artist Yi Lu(TW) and visual artist Sébastien Labrunie(FR).

Sondes is an Audio/Visual duo, sound and visuals working together, a dialog of two artists from different cultures collaborating and exploring to create together live sensory experiences. This duality also echoes the core of the creation process, a mix between the analog world and the digital realms. A Tesla coil, home made sound generative electronics feeding video synths connected to CRT TV imagery further manipulated in real time digital softwares pushing the level of explorations deeper.

Sondes creates feedback and echoes, from sounds to colors and colors to sounds, from analog to digital and digital to analog, exploring the shades in between. Welcoming audio reactive analog glitch accidents, guiding them digitally to sculpt and bring to life live audio/visual organic structures.

Sondes AV Duo(電波接收器)為兩位藝術家組成,聲音藝術家盧藝(台灣)與視覺藝術家林思柏(法國)。

Sondes AV Duo是一個聲音/影像雙人團體,兩位藝術家以不同的背景文化合力創作出聲音與影像的對話,並探索知覺的現場經驗。雙重性也呼應了創作歷程的核心,混種在類比世界與數位境地之間。使用特斯拉線圈電磁波、手工自製電子裝置的聲響,傳送訊號至影像合成器並連接傳統CRT電視、即時數位軟體等,讓探索進入更深的層次。Sondes從聲音到色彩再從色彩回到聲音,在類比與數位的迴圈之間,創造出許多迴響與反饋,並探索其間的形體。應用影音的類比訊號錯誤,即時雕塑描繪出具生命感的數位有機結構。



✭Yi Lu 盧藝(TW)
Yi Lu is a cofounder of Soundwatch Studio, collaborator to Fujui Wang, and a sound artist at Sondes. Yi Lu has appeared solo at the “Digitopia Digital Art Festival Taipei 2015”, using electromagnetic waves, home-made electronic instruments, circuit bending, hardware hackers, and analog errors to create immersive sonic environments. From 2015-2017, Yi Lu has collaborated with french visual artist Sébastien Labrunie to do many live performances, as a name “Sondes”, a mix of cultural performing simultaneously providing noise sound with home-made electronic instruments and real-time interactive visuals, presented in “Lacking Sound Fest.103”, “Taipei Art District Party Night 2017”, “The Book of Daughters”, “On SiteGenerative the night”, “Pattern Calling” and “Electric Indigo” party night on NTCH 2017”. Soundwatch Studio promotes the creation, exhibition, performance and workshop of innovative and experimental audio art both locally and internationally. The studio long-term endeavor took Taiwan’s Sound Art to a wider and more eminent status, bringing more and more people to come and discover this particular art form. Today, the studio has become a drive of influence while playing a key role in the Sound Art of Taiwan.

盧藝為「響相工作室」共同創辦人、王福瑞事業夥伴以及「Sondes」聲音藝術家。盧藝在2015台北數位藝術節呈現電磁波、手工自製電子樂器、電路擾動、硬體駭客和類比錯誤聲響演出。從2015到2017兩年間,盧藝與來自法國的視覺藝術家Sébastien Labrunie(林思柏),以團隊名「Sondes」合作即時現場聲音藝術表演,混合台灣與法國不同文化背景,雙人創作的手工電子噪音與現場即時互動視覺在「失聲祭LSF103」、「大內藝術TAD聲響之夜」、「臺澳聲響演出連線」、「混種現場」、「Pattern Calling」與「兩廳院30週年眾聲之所派對」呈現。響相工作室希望以更廣遠視角以及合作色彩的定位,推動台灣與國際更多聲音藝術相關計畫,把聲音藝術拉至更廣顯的位置並讓更多人理解,如今工作室成為一股影響的推力,也在台灣聲音藝術中扮演一個關鍵角色。

✭Sébastien Labrunie 林思柏(FR)
Sébastien Labrunie

Sébastien L. • Visual Artist

Sébastien Labrunie is a french Visual Artist based in Taipei. After 10 years exploring 2D worlds in graphic design he is now experimenting mainly with virtual reality, generative design, analog synthesis and glitch art, sometimes using motion controllers to create and manipulate graphical compositions, merging pixels and light in a more instinctive and organic way. In the past years his explorations brought him to work on various VR projects like the award winning LyraVR (a virtual/spatial music creation software) and doing live visual creations for sound art performances collaborating with sound artists Yi Lu and Fujui Wang, pursuing his visual researches to new grounds, at both ends of the visual spectrum and in between, both cutting edge and analog.


Sondes AV Duo Performances:
— Social Sound House Taipei, ENTERING TONE, Sono Lab, Taipei, 2018
— Electric Indigo NTCH 30th Party, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei, 2017
— Pattern Calling, National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei, 2017
— The Book Of Daughters, Venue, Taipei, 2016
— Gazing into the Wilderness, Revolver Live House, Taipei, 2016
— One Night of Phantasium with Buke and Gase, Spaced Out, Taipei, 2016
— Lacking Sound Festival Listen 103, Changee, Taipei, 2016
— Xue Xue Party, Xue Xue Institute, Taipei, 2016
— Generate the Night, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, 2016
— Hypersonic 2016, Taipei National University of the Arts, TNUA, Taipei, 2016

“There are noises of a city and noises that linger in digital eyes. Listen and watch. We’re all “noised”. Noised is an abstract audiovisual live performance about modern reality, filtered by all kinds of noises and rhythms. There are echoes and fragments of signals, with humanity in the middle.”

✭眾聲之所Electric Indigo NTCH 30th Party✭

✭Social Sound House Taipei_ENTERING TONE✭

✭Venue in The Book Of Daughters event✭

Solène Kl-n 03
Photo credit to Solène Klein

✭Spaced Out in Phantasium✭

Solène Kl-n 02
Photo credit to Solène Klein

Jason Matthew Peters01

Jason Matthew Peters02
Photo credit to Jason Matthew Peters

✭Spectacular Atrophy INSTALLATION EXHIBIT✭

Visual:Sébastien Labrunie/sound:Seah Seah

✭Xue Xue 大內藝術聲響之夜✭





Photo credit to Nathan Osterhaus

From nights Sound & Light performance by Lu Yi & Sébastien Labrunie also known as Sondes at Xue Xue Institute in Taipei, Taiwan. (The third Taipei Art District Festival_TAD After Party )

✭Lacking Sound Festival Listen 失聲祭 103✭




Photo credit to Nathan Osterhaus

✭Taipei Artist Village in the Generative the night-衍生現場✭


Photo credit to Vivy

✭Korner of Craked Sonic✭


Photo credit to Cyu

Craked Sonic-Soundwatch+





/《Sondes AV Duo》是一組雙人聲音/視覺團體,由不同文化的兩位藝術家合作,創作對話出極具現場感的經驗,為混和類比世界與數位境界之間的創意過程。特斯拉電圈、手工電子合成裝置等轉譯出類比影像訊號,經即時視覺生成軟體製造出具錯誤美學的類比影像,再引領回塑造出具數位型態的影像聲音型態。
《Sondes AV Duo》is an Audio/Visual duo, a creative dialog between two artists from different cultures collaborating and exploring to create live sensory experiences. This duality is part of the creative process, a mix between the analog world and the digital realms. Tesla coils, home made sound generative electronics feeding analogue video synths and real time visual processing softwares. Creating audio reactive analog glitch accidents, guiding them digitally to sculpt and bring to life live Audio/Visual structures.

Its name reflects a state of mind and a desire to propose new sound and visual experience. Sondes is consistently making merged analog and digital audio reactive glitch visuals, using software, video synth and an old CRT TV, home-made electronic sound, electromagnetic tesla coil and noise. Sondes wants to create a living visual abstract sound experience with both input and output, absorbing live stimulus and transforming the space into a living organism.

///林思柏與盧藝創作的“Sondes”第一次表演合作是在活動『Hypersonic 2016』,創作的內容是以噪音為基底並融合黑白律動線條,以及使用運動控制器調變視覺的即時聲藝演出,特斯拉線圈、手工自製電子樂器以及運動控制器,聲音融合數位錯誤的黑白視覺,交流出聲音與視覺,營造出一種跳動抽象的視覺與聲音經驗。
The first collaboration between Sébastien and Yi Lu. Melted black and white leap motion controlled graphics and noise for a live creation performance at Hypersonic 2016 event in Taipei. Raw composed sounds merging with glitch white light insensitive patterns as the human “filters” transform the materials with their hands instinctively using a Tesla coil, home-made electronic instruments, and a motion controller, modifying both the sound and light in sync. Creating a living live abstract audio/visual experience.

✭Interview in 2016✭

林思柏:我在視覺與圖像中工作很久,也都只停留在靜止的 2D平面,去年(2015年)我發現一種可以進入VR世界的全新視覺技術,​是​具身歷其境、三維、動作感且同時可以憑身體動作同步的控制器。所以我運用Leap Motion(手勢控制器)在”Sondes”表演中,讓我的視覺更有生命力,變成更敏銳、更互動性。新工具對我而言,可以提供一個​像​遊樂園般​的​場地​,而​去創作更多的即時互動視覺,一種無限制的可能性。

* Lu Yi: ​You had 9​ ​years designer work background and 1 year VR experience,​ how does that influence in the “Sondes”?
* ​​Sébastien Labrunie: ​I worked with visuals and pictures for a long time. One thing is I only worked with “static” 2D visuals, and new technologies I​ discovered entering the VR world last year open my mind to a whole new kind of visuals, immersive​, tridimensional, in motion, and they could also be synchronized with body movements using motion controllers. I used a Leap Motion in “Sondes” to control and bring life to my 2D visuals, they become more sensitive, more instinctive, and well, more alive! New tools that offer​ me a whole new playground for doing live visual creations. New tools and endless possibilities!


* Lu Yi:​ “What visual do you want to introduce to the audience in Sondes?”​
* ​​Sébastien Labrunie:​ The raw sound of you inspired me pictural simplicity and contrast. That’s why I​ chose black and white graphical elements, like a ​raw light in the ​darkness. I also wanted these electric light elements​ to become more “organic”, that’s why I​ used symmetry. Symmetry is all around us, even inside us, many things come in pair of two, eyes, ears, black and white, light and darkness. And for this performance it was a duo teamwork​ too. I got some interesting feedback on “Sondes” visuals, some people saw faces and masks hidden in the abstract lines. It’s one of the main purpose of abstract visuals, so people can project themselves inside the pictures generated​ and let their imagination flows.


* Lu Yi:“ ​With ​my sound and your audiovisual​, what kinds of special expression can go to the ​audience?”
* Sébastien Labrunie : I think “Sondes” is a sound and visual experience more than a performance, like an abstract storytelling​. Everyone could see and ear a different one, depending on their individual perception. Their imagination can jump from a sound painting to another and shape different new feelings each time.


* Lu Yi : “In the performance “Sondes”, ​what is the most interesting thing and most challenging?”
* Sébastien Labrunie : The most interesting thing is the live teamwork between sound and light to me. The interactions and echoes from sound to visuals and from visuals to sound. Like a creative dialog. The most challenging part might be the technical part, making everything work on the ​software side, setting up the stage in the best way possible working with technical limitation and strength of each spaces. I always remind me to keep it simple, adaptation is the key!