Buddhist chanting machine 調變唸佛機

Buddhist chanting machine hacking

In the first part of this workshop I will introduce Buddhist chanting machines, these are small sound players sold throughout Taiwan, China and Japan that play Buddhist chants on repetitive loops and are often used at religious ceremonies and on special dates. I will talk about how people use these machines in both normal and abnormal ways by introducing some artist videos which demonstrate the potential of repurposing these objects.

Secondly, we will be hacking chanting machines by accessing their small circuit boards inside and finding their clock resistors. This can be done by exploring the circuit board with a wet finger. By touching the resistor with your wet finger you can also change the pitch of the machine. We will then be replacing the clock resistors with variable resistors to give us more control over the chanting machine’s sound.

_Time to open it !!! ( find the timing component,alternative )
_Solder two wires + pencil/paper (drawdio testing)
_Solder 3.5 connector + drill a hole + close it
_Test the sound with a photoresistor
_Group Jam!!!

all videos:

Sound Demo:

Hacking Buddhist Chanting Machines first step_circuit board with a wet finger

Artist’s demo (brown/red color)

Hacking Buddha Song Machine 1

Hacking Buddha Song Machine 2

Project #10: Circuit Bending

clock resistors (two)